Tracking services for Forestry and Wildlife

Our forest covers and wildlife are at risk of overexploitation and endangerment. Easytrax’s solutions protect fauna from being poached or hunted. It also prevents theft and deforestation of high-value flora like sandalwood, Ebony, Agarwood, or Oak.

The time to help is now!

Know precise animal locations

Access actionable data and send assistance when required

Geofence boundaries of natural parks and wildlife sanctuaries

Track multiple animals simultaneously


Live Alerts

You will be notified if an animal has tampered with its collar or ankle tracker. So, you can fix it right away.


Prevent wildlife from a poacher’s snare or wildlife trafficking.


Geofence perimeters and get notified upon entry of unauthorized persons or when an animal across them.

Intelligent Insights

Useful tools that track animal movement, its resting hours, and demographics.


Detailed reports and summaries facilitate academic research.

SOS Module

Allows animal or plant caretakers to request assistance.

Use Case

Protect and preserve wildlife with Easytrax’s solutions

Tracking and monitoring wildlife within their sanctuaries or national parks is important to prevent their extinction.

Tracking commercial and valuable trees

Illegal chopping and consequent theft of expensive trees like teak, sandalwood, agar, or ebony have been an age-old concern for farmers and tree cultivators.