Tracking Commercial Fishing Vessels

We provide unparalleled visibility to vessel and ship owners and safeguard their remote assets. Accurate navigation to prime fishing sites, taking last-minute changes and weather turbulence into account.

A small step you can take to make your business leap!

Designing beeline routes to expedite deliveries while lowering fuel costs

Real-time alerts to prevent collisions

Tracking vessels on congested ports as well as deep seas

Geofence restricted zones and international waters


Voyage Planning

Geospatial analysis for better trip routes. Rerouting when vessels drift off track.

Live Tracking

Translate efforts into profits. Estimate ETAs and always deliver products on-time.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature regulation of fished out produce keeps it fresher for longer periods.

Shoreline Monitoring

Re-directs destinations in case of a shoreline emergency.

Personnel Monitoring

Access real-time CCTV footage of your employees. Incentivize workforce productivity and limit squandering.

SOS Module

Establish efficient communications and send help in the nick of time!

Use Case

Fuel monitoring and management for marine fleet and vessels

Fuel monitoring and management is a challenge to most fleet owners—especially ships and vessel owners. Detecting fuel theft is harder for vessels because of constant fluctuations and multiple fuel tanks.