Fleet management system for the Trucking Industry

Create sustainable supply chains and facilitate safe and first-rate deliveries! Our solutions enhance conveyance, procurement, distribution, and warehousing of heavy-duty goods. Our proprietary algorithms designed to plan optimum routes and mitigate transport costs.

For multi-faceted supply chain requirements

Reduced driver turnover

Record every second of the driving hour with advanced dashcams

Cut down transportation costs by preventing fuel thefts and vehicle idling

Realistic insights for harsh braking, cornering, and overspeeding


Fuel Monitoring

Get actionable data for abnormal drops in fuel levels. Alerts for unwarranted stoppages to initiate corrective measures.


Track your products till the last mile. Aim for damage-free and on-the-dot delivery.


Protect your high-value cargo using e-locks and biometrics. Get notified upon consignment tampering.


Proactive maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns.

Video Telematics

Determine the root of collisions and resist fraudulent insurance claims with live footage and violation alerts.


Quit guessing and know where your fleet and goods are at every turn of the road.

Use Case

Streamlining transport of manufactured goods

Efficient logistics are important for all businesses. Our solutions help business owners plan, execute, and optimize the movement of goods

Simplifying IFTA for commercial vehicles and motor carriers

Businesses that employ commercial vehicles in North America and Canada are mandated to report fuel usage when operating in more than one jurisdiction.

Delivery Fleet management

Deliver goods quickly, safely, and reliably using Easytrax’s vehicle tracking and management solutions.

Managing airport fleet and cargo

Our platform is actively being used by airport authorities to manage and transfer cargo to local delivery hubs.